KASIAN is used to create and update databases of electrical networks represented in graphical form and to analyse and assess these networks for optimal build-up, development and operation from technical, economic and safety points of view. Its main functions and features are:


KASIAN program includes a powerful and user friendly graphically oriented system for the acquisition and update of database of electrical networks of all types and voltage levels, and for the following graphical outputs (CRT monitors, printers, plotters, standard files of raster and vector graphics) of set schematic diagrams including computed values and signalling of various states and characteristics of elements; during the setup of networks it is possible to use tablets and digitizers; networks can be set as a unipolar schematic diagram, as a geographical map or as a combination of both.


The set network can be hierarchically divided into two (in future any number of) "levels", of which each can be of a different type and each can be set in its own coordinate system, independent on the others. Maximal operational transparency is always maintained (projection and other activities can be done simultaneously in the main schematic diagram and in the windows of all selected details, e.g. transforming stations and substations - switchboards). Schematic diagrams of switchboards can be set without any limitations and in any connection.


Lines can be set in the KASIAN program as multiplied with any number of tappings (which are the points in the line to which other elements of the network are connected) and they are created automatically during the setting of these different elements. The ends of separate conductors of multiplied lines can be connected to other elements




Data in the program KASIAN can be stored in the files of either proprietary binary structure or in database of any standard.


To enable the communication with any systems (GIS, SCADA e.t.c.) there is a standard database interface (ORACLE or any other database standard) of the set composition of tables and their structures and the KASIAN program can import and export data to/from the network and also the results of the computation of the network behaviour; it is also possible to enable a direct access to the data without the interface if the user wishes so. This accelerates both the data transmission and the analysis of the networks stored in the database.