CAD features

User interface


  • work with multiple graphical windows simultaneously
  • the possibility of setting displayed objects in individual windows
  • setting on / off of displayed objects by layers and by entities
  • configurable placement of dialogues
  • option to set keyboard shortcuts for any action
  • simultaneous displays of data from all data sources:
  • vector files, raster files, RDBMS, WMS sources, data from Web map services

Basic construction and modification of data

Construction of elements:

  • point element, polyline (no limits of the number of vertices, circle, arc, polygon (including complex areas, with holes), the cell – consisting from geometry including unlimited nesting levels, text, spot height
  • defining fills, patterns and object transparency


Modification of elements:

  • copying, moving, rotation, resizing, vertex modification, decomposition of combined features, text editing, modification of text attributes, substitution and change of scale of cells, modification of IGDS parameters



Setting of drawing and data selection


  • setting of symbology of objects – color, layer, line thickness, style
  • setting of hover type on object – key point, center, reference point, intersection, the nearest point
  • selection of objects by fence
  • selection of objects by intersecting the line
  • selection of objects based on attributes – file, table, status, id, element type, session_id
  • selection of objects based on symbology – layer, color, style, thickness
  • the bulk change of objects symbology
  • measuring length, area and angle
  • searching and replacing of text based on various search criteria


 Cells and user styles 

  • work with cells
  • creation of cells, cell libraries and their maintenance
  • the possibility of exchanging cells
  • setting and defining user styles




Print sets


  • bulk print of map sheets (atlas print)
  • definition of parameters – scale, line widht, fence
  • output to any system printer in Windows
  • PDF output
  • possibility of raster printing
  • more advance print features (printing of the current viewport, print of one sheet in the given scale, possibility of placing the guide marks for composing sheets of larger sizes