KASIAN program makes detailed analysis of the connection of network elements down to separate sides of the switching elements to the individual supplying points (supplying transformers and balance nodes). The program enables to make switching manipulations and to model various operational states of the network; consequently it is possible to evaluate non-deliveries of the electrical power and to create lists and tables of consumption and consumers with power outages and their following assortment and judging according to the chosen criteria.



To determine active and reactive consumption from the instaled capacity of electrical appliances and known (measured) loads in supplying elements (transformers or outlet lines).

The computation of load flow of electrical networks, i.e. the calculation of basic electrical parameters (voltage, output and current loads, active and reactive losses in the power lines, transformers and other elements of the network); it is possible to select various operational profiles according to the supplying, regulating, switching and loading conditions; the computation is done by alternating complex method as a non-linear task; during the computation it is possible to take into account regulation of the voltage by the change of the reactive output according to the exciting of the generators.



Short-circuit currents and power calculation according to CSN 33 3020 and CSN 33 3022 (IEC 909) for symmetrical and asymmetrical short circuits, nearby and distant; at the set position of the short circuit voltages and currents in all phases are computed for all points and all elements of the network with all kinds of short circuits including impedance measured by distant protection located in the appropriate point of the network. There can be also computed the current 3*Io, the current course from the moment of the short circuit origin to the moment of its switching off, accurate values of the surge current (mechanical axcerting) and equivalent heating current. In the computation of the short-circuit there can be taken into account the set resistance of arc and the moment of the origin of the short-circuit. The program enables to evaluate all the above stated values at switching elements with all common connections of the switching stations.

The computation of relations at ground fault in the systems with isolated or indirectly grounded neutral point of transformer or generator (via a resistor or an inductor of set values or a parallel combination of both).



The check-up of the designed protection in the TN networks of any configuration with regard to the disconnection times according to CSN 33 2000-4-41 - Protection against electric shock PNE 33 0000-1. Protection against electric shock in the distribution network of an electrical power supplier.

It is possible to make use of the relation of the existing database of electrical power consumers (e.g. consumers information system) for the computation of the network's load. This can be also done using an external function (in the form of DLL).



It is possible to display and view the files of the DGN type of the MicroStation system including viewing of the data from connected database. (Any product of BentleyŇ is not necessary and this possibility can be expanded to enable making changes in both numeric and graphic data.) The program can be also used as a viewer or during digitalisation of the network by its setting to the underset planimetric map.


If DGN data from the previous paragraph represents electrical power network, it is possible to transform it more or less automatically to the structure of the network data of the KASIAN program and after appropriate adding of other necessary data to make computations stated above (import of data from GIS using DGN drawings).