GIS features

Basic GIS functions


  • making features from graphical entities assigning graphic table or entity's code
  • integrated access to attribute and spatial parts of localized information
  • reading/writing data from/to RDBMS
  • possibility of sharing central libraries of used symbols (cells, user styles)
  • work with a seamless map
  • localization of objects
  • selections based on user-defined criteria (by area or descriptive attributes)
  • re-symboling of data based on user-defined criteria
  • data archiving
  • long transactions support
  • editing of descriptive attributes



Administration of GIS projects


  • management and maintenance of GIS data model project – tables, views, code lists, creating indexes, triggers
  • possibility of creating new objects
  • support for creation of localization queries
  • support for querying the properties of objects
  • support of creation of general links based on spatial component information
  • work with code lists
  • possibility of extended version for administration of data model
  • SQL editor for advanced database queries
  • possibility of creating and editing of diagram conditions