GeoStore® V6 is an advanced GIS system based on Microsoft .NET. It combines the most important functions for creating, updating and managing geographic data with advanced functions of GIS. GeoStore V6 can serve as a powerful graphic editor with a full scale of editing functions common with CAD tools or as an advanced desktop GIS system.


   GeoStore® V6 works with file data in common formats DGN, SHP, DXF, and GML. Geographic data can be also read from and stored to SQL databases ORACLE, ORACLE Spatial, MS SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite.



   GeoStore® V6 works with SQL database in the mode client/database server or it can also work in the mode client/application server/database server, which enables creating and editing of data by means of internet/intranet connection on remote servers.


   GeoStore® V6 is a system based on standards of Open GIS. The native format for data storage to SQL databases is WKB (Well Known Binary) standard according to OGC SFS for SQL 1.1. Reading and storage of geographic data according to GML 1.3 is a matter of course. System integrates functions of WMS client for reading data from internet WMS sources according to standard OGC WMS 1.3.


   GeoStore® V6 is a programmable system. Basic methods and data structures of the system core (objects, resp. classes) are public. It provides the highest degree of openness to the users-developers. It can enhance system‘s functionality by writing their own modules and applications developed by standard means of .NET technology.