Spatial analysis

Planar topology

  • support for creation of areal topology – generating areas with identification
  • spatial algebra - set operations with areas (intersection, difference, union)
  • creation of enclosing zones (buffers)


Linear topology

  • creation and maintenance of linear topology
  • search for critical (the shortest) path between two nodes of a graph
  • modeling of network status - switching on/off active features (circuit breakers, sections)
  • network analysis (find objects that are connected or unconnected (switched on or off)
  • analysis of availability (optimization of availability with regards to the dispatchers' center)



Thematization and resymbolization


  • resymboling data based on database attributes
  • creating thematic maps, including legend
  • change of the appearance of data in a view without modification of data in the plot based on the set attributes (module GSDisplay)